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→A pocket moon
· yeah love the tone great job
Audio Review04-16-2011 · 05:06 PM
· great song love the acustic tones
Audio Review04-16-2011 · 05:04 PM
→not undone
· yeah for sure. it was just mixed in about…
Audio Review02-26-2011 · 12:14 PM
· this wasnt me at all. it was a friend…
Audio Review03-21-2009 · 07:48 PM
→No Subject…
· yeah it was a 1o min demo i did to show a…
Audio Review11-15-2008 · 11:35 AM
→calculate hello
· kick ass song. got my vote
Audio Review07-24-2008 · 02:11 AM
→as i go
· well nessa recored the guitar and vocals…
Audio Review07-23-2008 · 07:11 PM
→kings and saturday
· yeah im not sure what she added when she…
Audio Review07-22-2008 · 02:02 AM
· well funny thing is he has the same name…
Audio Review07-20-2008 · 01:19 PM
→as i go
· i just bought a fretless about 6 months…
Audio Review07-16-2008 · 02:41 PM
→late night thing
· i meant to say "in" hay river
Audio Review01-23-2008 · 01:50 AM
→late night thing
· yeah i ahd to keep it short i was sending…
Audio Review01-23-2008 · 01:48 AM
· that was my buddy james mc neice.
Audio Review01-21-2008 · 06:46 PM
→Spin The Ball
· yeah i can almost hear the native…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 11:35 PM
· thats pretty sweet kinda twisted but…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 11:28 PM
→Hole & Bucket
· its cool, good job. has a great groove
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 11:24 PM
→No Subject…
· its sounds like an old robert johnson…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 11:21 PM
→No Subject…
· wow, im jelouse. you guys rock
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 11:16 PM
→No Subject…
· a lil shaka con or how ever spell it,…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 10:56 PM
→Summertime ft4ThDimension
· pretty cool, yeah i have to agree that…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 10:54 PM
→No Subject…
· yeah cant wait for it to be finished its…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 10:51 PM
→if i do
· yeah i know it lost alot when i mixed…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 10:46 PM
→Clarinet Solo
· kinda sounds like a sound track to a movie
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 06:03 PM
→Girl Is Sunshine
· wow pretty cool i would buy it
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 06:02 PM
→River side
· pretty sweet dude
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 05:34 PM
→Just Another Rock Song
· well, all i have to say is "hell yeah" :evil:
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 05:32 PM
→No longer hissy
· pretty sweet dude. fill it out more…
Audio Review01-20-2008 · 05:29 PM

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